The most beautiful words in the English language

Buzzfeed staffer Daniel Dalton recently took to Twitter, where he asked logophiles for their favourite words in the English language. 

For those who use English as a second language, trying to master the intricacies can often pose more than few hurdles. For starters there are many words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings “see” and “sea” for example. Factor in silent letters ‘knife, knight, knock, and know’ and its not surprising that things can get quite confusing.

That being said, English can truly be a beautiful language to speak and learn. But what are some beautiful words to learn? From Twitter, 32 words were selected—most of which were suggested by others or chosen by Dalton himself to compile a list of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Check out some of the words below, or visit Buzzfeed for the full list. Is your favourite word on there?






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Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/danieldalton/bob-ombinate#.vsvLb33LDB

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