Bottle designs inspired by masked Mexican wrestlers

If you’re into wrestling, then you probably like the masked luchadores from Mexico. A spectacular sight to behold, these ring warriors are commonly included as motifs on tequila bottles. However, Mucha Liga Tequila takes this concept to new heights with its packaging.

Rather than just simply featuring the image of a wrestler on its bottles, the brand uses a faceted form of a masked head for the entire shape of its vessels. Inspired by the masks that Mexican wrestlers don, each faceted bottle represents a different character. And each character comes with its own unique taste and backstory. These distinctive characters represent the three types of premium tequila offered from the brand: the fiery Canibal, yellow Invicto “the fearless,” as well as blue Bravo “the fresh”.

Similar to the Crystal Head Vodka bottles, these bottles are a fun, faceted, luchador take on it. Find out more about the Luchadors, where they’re from, their wrestling experience, and how oaky they are here.

Source: http://www.foodiggity.com/mexican-wrestler-tequila-bottles-are-mucho-awesome/

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