Fashion Illustrator completes designs with clouds and buildings

You may remember a previous post about Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis, who uses food items to finish his fashion sketches. This time I’m featuring Shamekh Bluwi, a Jordan-based architect and fashion illustrator. He uses clouds, buildings, and whatever else he finds to decorate his dress designs.


The designs are made on paper and then cut out to leave negative space for a pattern of whatever you hold them up against. Bluwi first got the inspiration for the idea during a trip to Dubai. From there, he wanted to somehow incorporate his travel experiences into his fashion illustrations. He decided to capture the cities he visited by turning them into clothing designs.

fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-4 fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-6

As a result, by holding the cutout against various landscapes, a single template to create an infinite number of patterns ranging from water and sky to buildings and doorways.

fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-5 fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-23 fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-8

Despite their simplicity, his works could be an inspiration for modern fashion designs. It’s both smart and resourceful. Finally, take a look at a few more below or view Bluwi’s Instagram page for his collection.

fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-7 fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-3 fashion-illustrator-completes-designs-environment-1

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/paper-cutout-dresses-shamekh-al-bluwi/?cexp_id=201&cexp_var=1

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