Fillable forms to make life’s awkward situations easier

Have you ever struggled with expressing yourself adequately in awkward life situations, like a breakup? Now you can get out of these difficult moments with the help of this book, titled Sorry.

The book contains numerous forms that can be filled in for all sorts of situations—dealing with things like a break-up to work related issues and include the reasons for your decisions, and your action plans for handling the situation. After the forms are filled up, simply tear the perforated sheet off and hand it over to the intended person.

Relieve the weight of social anxiety by formalizing all communication. Fill out a page, hand it off, avoid eye contact.


The book also comes with a PDF version, so you can print off as many forms as you need.

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2134997208/sorry-a-book-for-the-socially-anxious

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