Get mooned with this beautiful lamp

When was the last time you looked up at the moon? With our busy lives and technology’s grasp on us, we often loose touch with the beauty of the world around us. Well now you can now have a moon of your own at home, with the Luna lamp by ACORN Studio.

The Luna lamp is inspired by the moon, and is guaranteed to make any space brighter and more poetic. The lamp is made from glass fibre and non-toxic latex, making it water-resistant, heat-resistant, and durable. It’s powered by LED light bulbs with adjustable luminosity, making it suitable for reading, or as a night light. Its luminosity ranges from LUX1 to LUX5.

You can get Luna in up to seven different sizes – ranging from the 3.2-inch diameter XXS to the 23.6-inch XXL. If you want to hang Luna on the ceiling, simply install a hook on the ceiling, use a durable string (nylon string is recommended here – it’s strong and transparent), pass the cord through the ring on top of Luna and hang it on the hook. Although it is not topographically accurate, each Luna is hand-crafted and unique.


According to studio ACORN, they were “aiming to bring rich imagination to people about their spaces ─ living rooms, studios, yards and so on, we want to overcome the limits of conventional decoration.”

The Luna would hence let people have their own moon at the comfort of their home. By creating a crowdfunding project, they hope to raise funds for the production of Luna, and share the amazing artwork with the world. You can view more and fund this beautiful lamp at their Indiegogo page.

luna-lamp-2 luna-lamp-3 luna-lamp-4

Would you like a Luna of your own?

Source: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/luna-bring-the-moon-along-with-you#/story

Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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