Internet censorship from around the world. Can you see this?

Most people consider access to the information on the internet to be a right, not a privilege. But for many around the world, access to the global community via the World Wide Web still remains a luxury.

Governments around the world are expanding internet censorship and surveillance as overall online freedom declined for the fifth consecutive year, according to a report from a group that tracks democracy and human rights. They also report that nearly half of 65 countries examined have seen online freedom weaken since June 2014. One of the steepest declines occurred in France, which passed a law that many observers likened to the US Patriot Act. Ukraine, mired in a territorial conflict with Russia, and Libya also experienced sharp drops.

The report highlighted China as the country with the most severe restrictions on internet freedom, followed by Syria and Iran. Sri Lanka and Zambia, both of which recently underwent changes in government leadership, were credited with making the biggest improvements in overall online freedom.

To help put things into perspective, webmaster tool WhoIsHostingThis.com has devised an infographic which details the countries that restrict or block the web due to government internet censorship. Find out where in the world you won’t be able to login to Facebook or Twitter, in the infographic below.


Source: http://www.whoishostingthis.com/blog/2014/02/20/internet-censorship/

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