The office Survival Kit to get through either overtime, a presentation or a power outage

A lot of unexpected things can happen in the course of a day at the office, and getting through it can be tough. So to help you survive whatever comes your way, creative studio Phoenix has come up with a simple way to make your office hours easier: The Survival Kit

Guess what! The project you’ve been working on for months is due tomorrow and the client just asked for last minute changes. Don’t panic, this handy and beautifully designed office survival kit is available in three versions: The Presentation, The Overtime and The Power Outage. Each of these kits are packed with goodies that would make your working hours easier and more enjoyable. Never suffer from deadline anxiousness, presentation panic, or worrying about the electricity being cut off in the office anymore.

You can purchase your very own survival kit, made available by email here. Share with us which of these cool kits would you most like to receive.

The Power Outage Survival Kit

The Power Outage

The Presentation Survival Kit

The Presentation

Overtime Survival Kit

The Overtime

Now that you’ve survived the office, here’s a survival kit to help you destroy your boss in creative ways.

Source: http://www.blessthisstuff.com/stuff/living/misc-living/the-survival-kit/

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