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When to use Adobe Photoshop vs Lightroom

If you deal with a lot of photography, you need to know what to do with it. So whether you’re a photographer or a graphic designer, which software should you be using for your design project? Adobe Photoshop vs Lightroom: which one is better? The truth is, it depends on the nature of your project.Continue Reading..


Find out what the 2017 horoscope holds for creatives

If you’re a creative whose wondering what the year ahead holds, then lets look at your horoscope. Adobe, with the help of stock contributor Natalia Hubbert, has created a horoscope that offers a peek at your creative potential and success for the new year. Will you have more confidence in your work? Or will you pursue a promotion? Continue Reading..


Adobe releases Project Felix: 3D tools for designers

A few months ago, Adobe announced updates to their creative tools. These updates included a Windows version of Adobe XD, and a Photoshop update to take advantage of the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro. Along with those updates is a brand new application for graphic designers, called Project FelixContinue Reading..


35+ free Photoshop actions

If you’re a designer, art director, photographer or in any other creative profession, then you probably use Photoshop a lot–and if that’s the case, then you probably know that the software has a built-in programming language that records tasks as “actions” that you can replay to complete repetitive tasks.Continue Reading..

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