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Infographic: Ten of the biggest brand disasters of 2016

Branding is a tricky business and it’s difficult to get it right all the time; and sometimes companies can fail, big time. 2016 was a big year for brands like Johnson & Johnson’s, Volkswagen, Uber, and Samsung. All of which have come under fire for making mistakes before or after releasing products.Continue Reading..


Famous brands that released weird products

In order to keep your brand relevant, you need to try new things. Just ask Nintendo, who started out in 1889 making playing cards. Over the years they branched out into other area such as toys, instant rice, taxi cabs and… love hotels that rents out rooms by the hour, before getting into video gaming.Continue Reading..


If logos honestly reflected the brands they represented

What if brands were forced to create company logos that represented what their image and behaviour represented. For example the FIFA logo has been re-designed to reflect the latest corruption scandal, while the Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack has been implemented into multiple logo redesigns. Continue Reading..

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