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Why you should become a graphic designer

Some people are destined to become a graphic designer. They have a knack for aesthetics, notice the finer details and love to learn new things. So, if you’ve always been deeply interested in graphic design, but are not currently working in the field, this may be the year to make a career switch.Continue Reading..


Do designers need post-secondary education?

Gaining a post-secondary education can be an incredibly valuable experience for your design skills. The popular perception of needing education to be successful is getting a college or university degree and working for a company which pays you per your education level. However, it doesn’t always make sense for your career or your wallet.Continue Reading..


21 tips for a successful job interview

Whether we’re just starting out or seasoned professionals, we’re all striving to find that dream design job. These days, not every job is advertised in a newspaper or on a website. That’s why it’s important to make as many connections as possible. Online communities such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will help you interact with other designers. Continue Reading..


Memes that highlight the real struggles of designers

Working as a designer isn’t as glorified as many of us like to make it out to be. Sure we sit behind our fancy computers with huge screens, designing pretty images; however working in design can also be one of the most stressful, involving and cutting edge jobs out there. That’s why art director Matt Warren has created a collection of memes that all designers should find familiar.Continue Reading..


How to end a contract job with your bridges intact

After graduation, we all want to be settled into top-notch marketing jobs, well on our way to becoming the company’s next creative director. In an ideal life, this would include disposable income, paid vacation days and a career-building job that we love. However, even though that’s possible, the reality is that the path to our dream jobs isn’t always so smooth. You may end up in several short-term contract jobs instead of a permanent, full-time position.Continue Reading..


Infographic: 10 signs warning against taking a job

So, you’ve managed to finally get an interview with your dream employer. You’ve heard this place has a fantastic culture and it’s the hippest new place to work – your ecstatic. It turns out that you never really know what it’s like on the inside until you’re there.Continue Reading..


Bosses vs leaders

While a leader can be a boss, not every boss is a leader. A boss should ideally be a leader, but there is sometimes a mismatch between the two roles. Although both have nearly identical definitions, they’re very different in today’s career oriented society.Continue Reading..


5 habits that make you look unprofessional

Do one or more of your coworkers behave unprofessionally at work, leaving you to question how they still have a job? We all become creatures of habit, and it’s hard to change the behaviours we’ve become accustomed to. But like mom always said, “There’s a time and place,” and certain habits just have no business being in a business atmosphere.Continue Reading..


Infographic: 16 signs your co-workers secretly hate you

Did Susan from marketing just roll her eyes at you? Why are you constantly forgotten about when it comes to office social events? Or why are there post-it notes detailing your gruesome death on your computer? These might be signs that your co-workers secretly hate you.Continue Reading..

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