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21 things worth the price of a Gold Apple Watch

Chances are that by now, you’ve heard about the outrageous price tag of the Gold Apple Watch from $13,000CDN to a whopping $22,000CDN. To help you put things in perspective, STYLIGHT has created an infographic that features 21 awesome things that you can buy for the same price as the luxurious smartwatch.Continue Reading..


26 crazy facts about Google

Google is changing the world. Do you remember what it was like before you could “Google” something? The company’s search engine has already changed the course of history and Google’s labs are hard at work on projects that will continue to shape the future. Continue Reading..


Infographic: Famous firsts on the Internet

Email is just one example of the kind of explosive growth experienced by the Internet—making sending a letter almost obsolete. Since the inception of the Internet in the late 20th century, it has quickly evolved into a necessity for our daily lives; providing may famous firsts.Continue Reading..


Infographic: Crazy facts around the world

Did you know that Mount Everest grows an estimated 4mm per year? Or that Pluto is smaller than Russia? There are even more crazy facts like that in this infographic created by travel website When On Earth. Check out more crazy facts below and impress your friends with some trivia.Continue Reading..

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