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Grope Sans: A quirky and risqué private parts themed typeface

Apparently, Valentine’s Day wasn’t all chocolates and roses. Food design and research studio Bompas & Parr, out of Liverpool, has created a new risqué typeface called Grope Sans. Created for Valentine’s Day, this racy typeface by graphic designer Flo Fairweather, is adorned with nipples, vaginas and penises.Continue Reading..


Futura-inspired font magically adjusts to look its best as you type

Five years ago, design studio Høly created Futuracha, which started as an experimental font. Based on the Futura typeface, but with an extravagant art deco style, it was published to give creative people the chance to explore and create. The response was overwhelming.Continue Reading..


Shazam-like handheld tool for font finding

Since visual inspiration can strike anywhere, there are plenty of cool tools to help designers on the market today. I’ve previously posted about the portable Cube that lets you find the colour value of any object. But what if you find a beautiful font somewhere, but you don’t know what it is?Continue Reading..


Get over 200 Windows icons free

When Microsoft released Windows 10, it also released the icon font Segoe UI Symbol. That icon font is recommended for developers to use when designing an app for use on Windows 10, but one icon design company argues that Segoe UI Symbol adds visual noise because the icons have different visual weights.Continue Reading..

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