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Font Map helps designers find relationships between Google Fonts

Typography enthusiasts can identify most fonts by name. However, it’s always useful to explore fonts using visual similarities – in case you wanted to shake things up a bit. Every typeface has its merits; hell, even Comic Sans work as an attention-grabber because it’s so despised. But with so many free fonts available on the internet, which ones should you use?Continue Reading..


Fonts vs Typefaces

In today’s digital world, the words font and typeface are often treated similarly. In most instances when people refer to fonts, they really mean typefaces. However, they’re not the same thing.Continue Reading..


The 10 best Google Fonts for your designs

As a web designer, you’re probably well aware of the importance of typeface. With the growing amount of businesses engaging in content marketing, font selection is becoming all the more crucial.Continue Reading..


Shazam-like handheld tool for font finding

Since visual inspiration can strike anywhere, there are plenty of cool tools to help designers on the market today. I’ve previously posted about the portable Cube that lets you find the colour value of any object. But what if you find a beautiful font somewhere, but you don’t know what it is?Continue Reading..


Fading design trends from 2015

When society and technology are constantly evolving, change is the only constant. Design trends come and go. Some may only breeze by while others last longer. Graphic design, however, is still part of our day-to-day lives, taking over every small detail, from road signs and websites, to restaurant menus.Continue Reading..


Everything you need to know about fonts

Fonts exist everywhere you look and we use them for pretty well everything–from television, posters and billboards to newspapers, magazines and the web. But do you really pay attention to them? Fonts are the workhorses of the design world–carrying meaning, making sales, persuading, while rarely receiving their due as pieces of art. Continue Reading..


Typography tips for better web design and sales

We’re a visual society. And with our fast-paced lives and the amount of information we’re constantly barraged with, it takes a striking visual to get our attention. But you also need smart copy presented with good typography to back it up.Continue Reading..


How big brands use logos to lure consumers

A logo is so much more than just text, graphics and colours. A logo has the power to create a lasting connection with consumers. Do you ever wonder why some logos are bright yellow and some red? Or why luxury business logos are usually black, white, while corporate logos are blue? Each component has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum impact; for example, the colour yellow is associated with the energy and joy of sunshine. Continue Reading..


How to bring your design team down

Working in a design team opens up all kinds of learning opportunities, including having to deal with unsavoury characters that try to drag the rest of the group down. CompanyFolders has shared some characteristics of the “worst person” as a design teammate.

Do you have any of these traits or know someone who does?Continue Reading..

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