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Unique GIFs distract users while page loads

These days everyone is in a rush. We’re so used to getting everything instantly at the click of a mouse that we’ve become impatient. Unless you’re over 30, you probably don’t remember the days of dial-up internet. We’d have to wait patiently for a few minutes for a web page to load up.Continue Reading..


Animated GIFs that only designers get

The design world has its ups and downs–from pain-in-the-ass clients, the frustration of being asked to work for free, to basking in the highs of little victories achieved during work. Creative Market has put together a comical collection of 25 GIFs that brilliantly capture the joys and agonies experienced by designers while on the job.Continue Reading..


An animated journey to becoming a man of chivalry

In a world filled with late-night booty calls and infidelity, it’s easy to become jaded by today’s dating scene. Women expect the worst from men; proceeding cautiously during the first few months of dating. It becomes a relief for them when they then stumble upon those few true gentlemen. They exude chivalry with even their smallest actions, and remind women that there are still good men out there.Continue Reading..

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