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25 potential culture shocks from around the world

Don’t flush your toilet paper and never finish your food or you’ll seem rude. When traveling to other countries for the first time, some local practices might come as potential culture shocks to foreigners. This handy infographic reveals surprising habits and social faux pas from around the world.Continue Reading..


5 habits that make you look unprofessional

Do one or more of your coworkers behave unprofessionally at work, leaving you to question how they still have a job? We all become creatures of habit, and it’s hard to change the behaviours we’ve become accustomed to. But like mom always said, “There’s a time and place,” and certain habits just have no business being in a business atmosphere.Continue Reading..


Infographic: Purchasing habits of the rich and very rich

How much money do you make? Did you know that less than 20% of American adults fall into the category of ultra wealthy? They’re also responsible for a significant portion of luxury goods purchases, according to the Shullman Research Center, a marketing research firm specializing in affluent insights.Continue Reading..


Infographic: The 10 most irritating co-worker habits

You can pick your friends, you can’t pick your family and for the most part, you can’t pick your co-workers. Even if you could, it’s hard to see through the veneer of professional behaviour most people put on for a job interview. Worst of all, unlike with irritating acquaintances, there’s no avoiding the co-worker who drives you crazy. And if you dodge their calls and emails for too long, it’s your career that suffers.Continue Reading..


Everything you ever wanted to know about napping

When was the last time you had a nice, leisurely nap? If you’re not a morning person like me, getting up early to start work leaves you feeling tired most of the day. To ease that tired feeling, I find napping (whenever possible) help give you a productivity boost throughout the day; whether it be on the train or having a nano-nap at my desk.Continue Reading..


Do you think about sex every 7 seconds?

It’s been estimated that men think about sex every 7 seconds. If we believe the stats, thinking about sex every seven seconds adds up to 514 times an hour. Or approximately 7,200 times during the waking day. Is that a lot? I’m not sure, but to give us a laugh about this little titbit… I mean tidbit of information, check out this humorous video by College Humor, titled The Date.Continue Reading..

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