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Snapchat Spectacles may soon play a big role in recruiting talent

If you’ve been avoiding Snapchat, whether personally or professionally, it’s time to start paying attention. It’s a mobile phenomenon which enjoys 100 million users daily, watching 10 billion videos each day. When Snapchat Spectacles were first released, they only seemed to be a playful extension of the app. However, it turns out that these glasses have been used to help recruit talent.Continue Reading..


Infographic: Salary trends for 2017

If you’re hoping for a raise this year, you’re not alone. Most job seekers list salary as their number one consideration when looking for a new job. So if companies want to capture the attention of talent, they need to offer competitive salaries that accurately reflect employees’ job title, location and experience level.Continue Reading..


Infographic: How to get recruiters to read your CV

Day in, day out, recruiters sift through piles of résumés for available job openings. They’re usually searching for a specific skill sets or experience that matches their clients’ requirements. And if nothing of interest stands out, they move on to the next one.Continue Reading..


Infographic: 10 signs warning against taking a job

So, you’ve managed to finally get an interview with your dream employer. You’ve heard this place has a fantastic culture and it’s the hippest new place to work – your ecstatic. It turns out that you never really know what it’s like on the inside until you’re there.Continue Reading..


Infographic: The anatomy of a successful resumé

Are you looking for a job? Website DegreeQuery has created an infographic that shows you how to build the perfect resumé and help you stand out from the competition. The infographic includes things like: how to create a digital-friendly version and the common mistakes job-seekers make.Continue Reading..

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