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Candy cane eyeliner: The newest Christmas makeup trend

The holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s time to start planning your festive-wear. If you’re looking to stand out at your Christmas party from all of the ugly sweaters, how about giving this festive candy cane eyeliner a go.Continue Reading..


Makeup artist uses optical illusions to create amazing effects

Makeup can be transformational; if done right it can turn one thing into something completely different. For example, the mind-bending effects from Vancouver makeup artist Mimi Choi has proven she is the queen of optical illusion makeup.

Continue Reading..


Marble Lips beauty trend has women painting their lips like statues

It’s been a dream of may to have gorgeous marble countertops in their homes. However, the most recent trend involving marble doesn’t have anything to do with home renovation. Because the latest trend goes on you; marble lip art is taking over Instagram, much like the previous crystallized lips and other lip art.Continue Reading..


Instagram’s latest lip art trend brings us crystallized lips

Instagram has a tremendous influence over the beauty industry. If something starts catching on via the social media platform, it’s sure to make waves with fashionistas everywhere. The newest beauty rage amongst these make-up addicts is now crystallized lips. Continue Reading..


The work in being bodypainted for Sports Illustrated

It’s come that time for the Sports Illustrated 2016 swimsuit issue. One of the fixtures for the magazine each year are the several models that bare all for a makeup artist, who in turn create hyper realistic swimwear designs on their bodies. The makeup artist who did the body painting this edition was makeup artist Joanne GairContinue Reading..

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