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Giant straw animals invade Japanese fields after rice harvest

Fall is here, which means that it’s time for the harvest and the annual fairs that celebrate it. In Japanese culture waste is often minimized, especially in food. Sometimes, during the annual rice harvest, the leftover rice straw is transformed into straw animals.Continue Reading..


Artist turns old cardboard boxes into incredible sculptures

Cardboard boxes are the packaging material of choice for the majority of products shipped around the world. In fact, because of its popularity, cardboard boxes comprise a whopping 9 percent of the refuse in a typical landfill. But your old cardboard doesn’t lose its usefulness once the snacks are gone and packages have been opened. Because, aside from simply recycling old cardboard, you can use the material in dozens of creative and practical ways.Continue Reading..


Amazing sculptures made out of recycled tires

One way to cultivate creativity is to make art from things that others believe is trash. While most artists spend their money on materials like clay, paper, or paints, Blake McFarland doesn’t have this problem. Not just a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, Blake creates his sculptures from recycled tires.Continue Reading..


Artist uses old saws to create ‘cutting edge’ art

Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn thought that there was something interesting about owning a plasma torch. She didn’t have much experience working with steel and had only used the torch once before. After finally purchasing a plasma torch for herself, Cindy had a welder friend teach her the basics of welding. She had seen amazing torch work on recycled objects, like shovels and wheelbarrows; fancy lace and ornamental designs by some very talented artists. Consequently, Cindy began to experiment with her new skills and metal art.Continue Reading..


Old books turned into fairytale sculptures

We often think of pop-up books as a simple way to entertain kids (or at least we did before the iPad came along). However, they can be so much more than that. When done well, pop-up books can be engaging, imaginative, and even works of artistic brilliance. If you want the nostalgia of turning the pages to a new 3D world, the you’ll want to check out these sculptures by British artist Su BlackwellContinue Reading..


Driftwood sculptures that represent the spirit of nature

Nature itself can a work of art. The elements can carve beauty into objects like stone or even wood. And once nature has created the canvas, artist Debra Bernier begins her work. Using natural materials such as driftwood, clay, shells and her rich imagination, she creates captivating sculptures which represent the spirits of nature.Continue Reading..


Low polygon animal head trophies made of colored paper

Trophy hunting animals is all about the thrill of the kill. Without trying to defend or shame trophy hunters, hanging the head of an animal in your home seems a bit tacky. Especially from a design perspective. But if you want to give your home a distinguished hunter’s lodge feel without having to shed any blood, these low polygon designs may be for you.Continue Reading..


Water completes these bronze fountain sculptures

When you think of sculptures, what comes to mind? Do you automatically think of an inanimate statue or shape? For 30 years, Polish sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska has been making beautiful bronze sculptures for fountains. Her sculptures take from two to six months to complete a piece, depending on their complexity.Continue Reading..

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