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Cyclotron is the world’s first spokeless smart bicycle

Decades after the original Tron hit cinemas, it’s still influencing futuristic designs. The design of this smart bicycle is unmistakably based on Tron’s Light Cycle – namely its two illuminated, spokeless wheels. And if you’re riding the Cyclotron, you’ll probably feel like you’re cruising through a futuristic landscape.Continue Reading..


Make crossing the road fun with dancing pedestrian signals

With Scotiabank Nuit Blanche coming up this weekend in Toronto, I thought that this would be a perfect fit. BBDO Germany partnered with Smart to create The Dancing Traffic Light. The concept was to provide a fun and safe way to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking—a dance room was set up on a square in Lisbon, Portugal, inviting the people from the public to enter into the box and dance.Continue Reading..

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