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Personal branding tips for beginners

If you’re a freelancer or have been working for a while, then you understand the importance of building your brand. If you’re still in university and haven’t started just yet, don’t worry because it’s best to take your time and do it right so you’ll able to get the best jobs, the best clients, and the biggest payouts.Continue Reading..


How silent storytelling is being ushered in by Facebook’s autoplay videos

A lot of the time when you’re on the computer it’s either during work or later at night when everyone’s going to sleep–so getting blasted by a loud autoplaying video on a website is certainly an annoying experience. However, when the default volume setting is mute (and users are given a choice to activate the sound), videos become less of an annoyance and more of an eye catcher.Continue Reading..


Discover the hidden features of the top social networks

As social media platforms continue to grow, they learn what their users want and modify, update and increase their capabilities to keep users happy. Chances are you spend a pretty substantial amount of your life on social media, but if you weren’t part of a particular social network as it evolve, you might not know about some of their lesser known features.Continue Reading..


Facebook is finally making a ‘Dislike’ button

People have been asking for it, and finally after years of refusing to build one, Facebook is finally going to give us a way to express something other than a “Like.” I know I’ve posted a funny video on what it would be like if Facebook removed everything that people complained about and how it would end up, but brace yourselves because the Facebook “Dislike” button is coming–although the exact form a “Dislike” button may take is still up in the air. Continue Reading..


How to make your portfolio site stand out

It the past decade, it’s become crucial for designers and artists to establish their online presence; both though a website and social media. A portfolio website is the quickest and easiest way to showcase what you can do. And it can attract the attention of potential clients and collaborators who will search you out online.Continue Reading..


Infographic: 6 tips on managing negative social media comments

Whether you’re a marketing agency or just a blogger, managing social media is just another part of the job. But, regardless of the amount of time that you’ve spent with social media, dealing with negative responses can be a tricky thing–especially tricky if you’re managing responses on behalf of a client and it’s their reputation and yours on the lineContinue Reading..


Smart ads show how smartphone obsession is killing personal interactions

Researchers today are claiming that people (children in particular) are so engrossed in their phones that they can’t accurately read how people are feeling, or how to interact with people in real-life. Many people now even have what’s called smartphone-loss anxiety disorder, where they must have their phones on them at all times or they freak out. Continue Reading..

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