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Minimalist lighting features Star Wars characters

For all of those fans of Star Wars, happy May the fourth. For those who don’t know, today is considered a holiday by some Star Wars fans to celebrate the franchise’s film series, books, and culture. The date was chosen for the easy pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you”— “May the Fourth be with you”. If you happen to be a fan and want to add a bit of galactic flair to your home, you can now decorate it with lights inspired by some favourite characters.Continue Reading..


Making fun of common type mistakes using Star Wars quotes

More than just arranging pretty fonts on a nice background, typography is an essential part of most designs—they can make or break a project. Unfortunately, common type mistakes tend to make a bigger statement than good typography. They stick out like a sore thumb, while good typographic choices blend so nicely with the overall design that you might overlook them.Continue Reading..

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