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MIXXTAPE is a portable music player that works like a cassette

If you want to feel old, consider this: there are currently high schoolers who’ve never heard music on a CD; let alone a cassette tape. However, “what’s old is new again,” is a saying that happens to be true. Dallas-based company Mixxim brought the cassette tape into the 21st century with the MIXXTAPE.Continue Reading..


Electric wallpaper doubles as a power source

Decorating your home with wallpaper gives you a wide array of looks: from country charm to traditional warmth. However, design, art, and technology are all intertwined in this new electric wallpaper. Co-developed by wallpaper company Flavor Paper and design firm UM Project, sounds, lights and motions are combined in a decorative and playful display titled Conduct.Continue Reading..


Earpiece translates languages instantly to help travellers communicate

The language barrier is the most common thing that many travellers can relate to. English may be an international language, but communicating with those who don’t speak it requires some skill. So when travelling to a country where your native language isn’t spoken, don’t expect to become fluent by the time you leave. Rather than frantically learning a few words from a dictionary, this novel earpiece could be a game changer for international travellers. Continue Reading..


Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in camera

It was revealed this month that Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for its smart contact lenses. It comprises a contact lens that houses a minute display, built-in camera, antenna and multiple sensors to detect movement via blinking. This sci-fi innovation is unfortunately only believed to be in its conceptual phase at the moment. Continue Reading..


Vulgar website blocker stops procrastination

Do you often procrastinate when you’re at work? You know you need to get the job done, but you’d rather surf the web looking at cat videos. If you need a shocking, expletive reminder to stop your idle web browsing during work hours, then you might want to download the following website blocker Chrome extension.Continue Reading..


Vintage books transformed into mountains

Canadian artist Guy Laramée is a man of many talents; capable of directing, composing, fabricating instruments and of course, sculpting and painting. If you’re a lover of vintage books – someone who prefers the feel of paper as opposed to holding a reader – then you might want to shy away from this.Continue Reading..


Synthetic Silk Leaf produces oxygen just like a real leaf

One of the main challenges of human space exploration is the lack of oxygen. Here on Earth, trees and other plants take in our carbon dioxide and changing it back to clean, sweet oxygen. But what if we could take those biological oxygen factories into space with us without the need for sun, soil, or water?Continue Reading..

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