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Video: 10 novice Photoshop mistakes to avoid

If you’re a designer who relies on Photoshop as part of your day-to-day work, chances are that you’ve picked up some useful tips and tricks from Photoshop tutorials. And while online lessons are sure to improve your skills, it’s also useful to know what to avoid when using Photoshop.Continue Reading..


How to make your portfolio site stand out

It the past decade, it’s become crucial for designers and artists to establish their online presence; both though a website and social media. A portfolio website is the quickest and easiest way to showcase what you can do. And it can attract the attention of potential clients and collaborators who will search you out online.Continue Reading..


What would life be life if office stock photos were real?

If you’re in design or production, you’ve probably seen a lot of generic office stock photos with ear-to-ear white smiles plastered on the faces of office workers and the merry businessmen donned in pristine, unwrinkled suits engaged in a solid handshake. that seem so unrealistic that they’re almost amusing.Continue Reading..


How to build a crossbow out of simple office supplies

Dave Hax is a YouTuber who frequently features cool projects and life hacks on his Youtube channel that anyone can try at home. Aspiring archers and those who want to hunt down their office coworkers will be glad to know that in his latest video, he shows how to make a crossbow out of simple office supplies.Continue Reading..


If our childhood cartoons were scientifically accurate

Created by Animation Domination, Scientifically Accurate is a series which shows a more realistic view of cartoons. From classics like The Flintstones to more contemporary shows like Spiderman, these videos do a great job of showcasing what would happen if our childhood cartoons are drawn to look much more accurate. Continue Reading..

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