Draw on your food with ‘The World’s First Spice Pen’

With this awesome spice pen, you can play with your food without getting scolded for it. Dubbed as “the world’s first and only spice pen”, the CinniBird is a handheld device that lets you create wonderful drawings, messages, or decorations on your food and drinks.

To use the CinniBird, simply fill up the battery-operated device with your preferred ground spice, such as cinnamon or pepper, and draw away. CinniBird allows you to make your own spice decoration for food, deserts, coffee and any number of other creations.

Cinnebird-worlds-first-spice-pen-1 Cinnebird-worlds-first-spice-pen-2 Cinnebird-worlds-first-spice-pen-3 Cinnebird-worlds-first-spice-pen-4


Source: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/you-can-now-create-your-own-latte-art-with-this-pen/
Images: http://cinnibird.com/

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