Micro-illustrations that seem to balance on pencil tips

Do you love to draw or sketch? If so, then you’ll want to check out this wonderful series from studio 1924‘s illustrator and designer Christian Watson. What’s amazing about this series is how small they are – and by that I mean they’re micro.

To show how tiny these pen drawings are, Christian often composes photographs where they seem to be balancing on the tips of pencils. He also creates slightly larger, but equally delightful, illustrations of bird and animals that appear to perch on his fingers.

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Despite their small size, these illustrations are incredibly detailed. His micro-illustrations are placed under the hashtag “#penciltopdrawings” on Instagram. You can visit his work there or view a few more samples below.

I've been all over and one thing that is endlessly consistent are the presence of lighthouses on every coast you ever go to. A sign of something trying to help you along, asking nothing in return. No matter how small this might be, it's a thankless act dedicated to steering the groggy out of the way of rocky shores and cliff sides. This drawing is less than half an inch tall but I hope the message spans miles. We all have a light house in our lives, keeping us on a tried and true path, asking nothing in return. Let's help others as much as we're also looked out for. I think it's so easy to get so far into our own head space that we feel so very alone. But simply put: we're not ever alone. Whether you're the boat, the lighthouse, the rocks or the ocean – we're all in this damn thing one piece at a time. Good morning! #lighthouse #penciltopdrawings #art #illustration #1924us #go #explore #inspiration #motivation #coffee #hands #oregon #christianwatson #drawing #ocean #smoke #fog #mountain

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What do you think of his tiny detailed illustrations? Share your comments below or check out amazing sculptures carved out of pencil tips.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/1924us/

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