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If you could use just eight typefaces, which would you choose?

How to be the jerk on your design team

When you’re working on your own, there’s a sense of freedom to do things your way on your time. However, if you’re working as part of a design team, it’s easy for personalities to clash.

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When it comes to warm-weather shoe styles, it’s all about keeping cool—in every sense of the word. But even though some styles are off the table, options abound.

Emerging logo design trends to look for this year

A trend report by LogoLounge has revealed the some of the biggest visual styles and influences in logo design for 2015. The report also reveals how the advent of new digital devices has changed designers’ approaches to creating stylish, memorable logos.

Gigantic mirrored letters that reflect their surroundings

San Francisco Design Week is the Bay Area’s largest design event, bringing together thousands of people across every discipline of design for a week of events, talks, and open-studios. As part of their Look Closer campaign, branding and design agency Character has created a series of gigantic…

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Clients, while a necessary evil, are part of a designer’s life. Sure, they make up excuses to try to get cheaper work. And yes, they often make ridiculous demands. But designers don’t always tell their clients the truth either.

Architectural optical illusion makes church disappear

You don’t need to be a religious person to appreciate the architectural designs of churches and mosques. However, the design of this church in Borgloon, Belgium, has baffled locals. The building appears whole from one angle, but appears to dissolve into thin air from another.