Are they sex toys or dog toys? Can you tell?

With a wide array of dog toys on the market, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours for you to have some innocent fun with Rover. But with all those different shapes, they can sometimes resemble playthings that are much less innocuous.

Learn the reason why we pretend to be busy

Chances are that throughout your day someone has asked you, “hey, are you busy?“ And whether you were or not, your answer was probably yes. But why?

The differences between Canadian & US Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy food, friends, and family. As millions of Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but wonder the differences between the Canadian and American holidays?

How to hide the fact that you’ve just farted

What’s the best way to hide the fact that you’ve passed gas, farted, tooted, broke wind, or cut the cheese? With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured that this funny series from College Humor would come in handy.

Curious dinner table customs from around the world

“Sit up straight, don’t put your elbows on the table.” If you’re like me, then table manners were something that we were taught at a young age. However, your dinner table etiquette at home might come across as unrefined, snobbish or even rude in other…

Snickers swaps out its name for hunger symptoms

You can now call out those friends who get irritable when hunger strikes by handing the a Snickers. Following the trend toward of personalized packaging like Coca Cola, Snickers is replacing its brand name on their packaging.

Presenting 25+ of the best free fonts to download

I’ve scoured the web to present you with a list of free fonts of varying styles that include: scripts, serifs, and a range of retro, grunge and more! These free fonts will give you greater flexibility in your designs and add to your arsenal of design tools. Some of…

What are the best fonts for me? Everything you need to know

There are typefaces and fonts everywhere you look; we use them everywhere from tv to posters and billboards, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. But do you really pay attention to them?

What does your social media pic say about you?

Can someone tell who you are by just looking at your picture? Leandra Medine of fashion blog Man Repeller thinks so–she’s created a funny post that reveals what your social media pic says about you.