Type-Cycle animated typeface uses 3D bicycle parts

This sleek typeface is created using 3D letters that are cleverly animated to showcase various bicycle components.

Awesome three-piece Pac-Man suit and tie

Fans of the classic arcade game Pac-Man will be geeking-out over this awesome three-piece suit by Oppo Suits.

Pepsi debuts a series of Prestige Bottles and accessories

During Milan Design Week, Pepsi unveiled Mix It Up exhibit to showcase their Prestige Bottle designs.

5 things clients want to see on your portfolio

A full thought out and cleanly designed portfolio is not only vital to showcase your artistic talents, but it also creates the first impression that a potential client will have of you.

Minimalist lighting fixtures look like Star Wars characters

Decorate your home with minimalistic Scandinavian-styled lighting fixtures inspired by Star Wars characters and objects.

Turn the ashes of your loved ones into stained glass orbs

Combined with a custom blend of jewel-toned colours, the ashes float in a swirl inside the glass.

Champagne Gun is the rich man’s super soaker

Miami-based company King of Sparklers has combined water guns and champagne.