How to end a contract job with your bridges intact

If you end up in a short-term contract and your time is up, leave gracefully in case you get to come back later.

Cool, minimalist geometric tattoos by Roxx

With a career spanning 30+ years, it's no wonder tattoo artist Roxx is at the top of the ink world game.

The Handy Awards celebrates advertising’s biggest wankers

Any adman can earn some glory whether they’re in the privacy of their own office or chilling at home.

TODAY: A beautiful, minimalistic 24-hour clock

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Discover the strange and unrelated products released by famous brands

PlumbWorld has compiled an infographic detailing famous brands that tried to capitalize on other markets.

The rainbow food trend has finally made its way to sushi

Rainbow sushi has become a popular recipe among vegans and foodies who enjoy preparing their own foods.

These adorable stickers transform doors into cute animals

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Creative’s life summed up in 8 hilarious GIFs

If your a creative professional, like a graphic designer, copywriter, art director, etc., you’re part of a global community where you all can relate to each others trials and tributes. Mumbai-based entrepreneur and product marketer Abhilash Krishnan, has created a hilarious collection of GIFs that creative professionals the world…

Snickers imagined as other candy bars

Continuing on its ‘You Are Not You When You Are Hungry’ campaign, Snickers has debuted three print ads that imagine itself as other candy bars.

Colourful wall typography from graffiti artist

36daysoftype is a yearly open call that invites designers, illustrators and visual artists to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet. Celebrating this, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam-based artist, Nase Pop, has taken to the streets by graffiting the 26 letters of the…