Artist creates animal portraits on wooden canvases

I’ve previously posted about paintings on tree logs that mirror their surroundings. Now, an illustrator and tattoo artist Kirsten Roodbergen from the Netherlands has created lovely animal portraits on slices of wood from cross-sectioned tree trunks.

These unconventional canvases are the base for her acrylic and copic marker creations. She makes emotive black-and-white illustrations of nocturnal creatures like wolves, owls and bats. Each of her hand-crafted animal portraits are beautifully framed by the irregularly-shaped raw tree bark.

Apart from drawing on wooden slices, she has also used wooden mannequin hands as the basis for larger illustrations.

animal-portraits-wooden-canvases-01 animal-portraits-wooden-canvases-02 animal-portraits-wooden-canvases-03 animal-portraits-wooden-canvases-04 animal-portraits-wooden-canvases-05

Roodbergen’s animal portraits and other original artworks are now for sale in her Etsy shop.


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