Heineken-owned craft brewer is making marijuana beer

These days, you can find marijuana infused in everything from bath bombs to pizza. In fact, once Canada finally legalizes it next year, expect to see a lot more edibles on the market here. However, already legal in California, marijuana beer has debuted.

Heineken-owned brewer, Lagunitas Brewing Company, has released an IPA beer infused with marijuana called Supercritical. But despite what you might think, the marijuana beer won’t get you high. Instead, the weed works to give the beverage a subtle but distinctive flavour. Available for limited release in California, Lagunitas worked with vape cartridge manufacturer, CannaCraft to separate the aromatic compounds of fragrant oils from marijuana, giving the beer its unique taste without the psychedelic effects.

Unfortunately, the marijuana beer is only available in select bars in California. However, Lagunitas is floating the idea of distribution across the US, sending samples to beer critics around the country. Check out the Lagunitas website to find out more.

The Supercritical Story

Lagunitas isn’t actually the first brewer to mix alcohol and marijuana. In 2017, Colorado-based Dude’s Brewer earned federal approval to bottle and sell General Washington’s Secret Stash. Like Supercritical, the brews do not contain THC or get people stoned.

Source: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/08/23/marijuana-beer-lagunitas-brewing-company/

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