Evening etiquette: A gentleman’s guide

Being a gentleman is not just a title, it is a way of life; and it’s more than opening the door for the ladies. In this infographic, created by Boisdale, men truly wishing to live up to this title are given tips on how to look and act the part. 

From grooming, style and culture, to knowledge of food and booze comes a gentleman’s guide. You’ll also get a refresher on the proper treatment of women and soon be on your way to becoming a fine, dapper man. Read the infographic below and prepare for your next night on the town.

Evening etiquette: A gentleman's guide

A gentleman’s guide to evening etiquette

Look the part. A lack of knowledge here could be the birth of all kinds of disaster before even leaving the house.You should have a sharp look that could butcher a songbird. The first step is knowing your tweet. Then learning the half Windsor knot.

To dress for the occasion. If you’re going casual, try a button down collar shirt with boat shoes. If you’re going formal, try a wingtip collar shirt and oxford shoes.

Walk the walk

A true gentleman greets his host and waiter by name. He doesn’t eat his oysters with a soup spoon, either. Understand the menu and learn the difference between a rib eye and sirloin steak.

Gentleman’s etiquette tip: A cosmopolitan gentleman toasts with his guests in their native tongue.

Master the bar

A discerning gentleman knows his Ardbeg from his Monkey Shoulder and his Glenfiddich from his Yamazaki. For those more acquainted with Jack Daniels and Coke, here’s a guide for you:


Take your time. A connoisseur doesn’t rush his apéritifs and digestifs. Good whiskey flavours linger on the palate for hours.

Ask for a wee dram – an old-school Scottish word meaning “a measure.”

Add a splash of water. This opens up the flavours and gives your palette a chance to taste then.


Don’t dismiss blends as inferior whiskeys. Some of the best whiskeys in the world are blended, such as Jonnie Walker Blue Label.

Don’t drink whiskey with your meal. They’re best enjoyed as an apéritif or digestif.

Using mixers is the best way to ruin a good whiskey.

Don’t drive home. It only takes a few wee drams to set you over the legal limit.

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Source: http://www.boisdale.co.uk/blog/evening-etiquette-a-gentlemans-guide/

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