Happy April Fools’ Day from WestJet

Yes it’s another April Fools’ Day. For most of us it’s the most annoying day of the year, with people (and companies) trying hard to prank each other. In their continuing spirit of the day, WestJet has once again released its annual April Fools video.

This year WestJet has tried to improve their inflight service by eliminating the need for a food and beverage cart, which blocks aisles. Their new system, RALFH (Robotic Automated Light Food Handler) operates on a track overhead above the aisle. You then order your food and beverage via their phone app and RALFH delivers it to your seat. Take a look at the April Fools’ Day video below:

In conjunction with annual April Fools’ Day video, WestJet is offering a No Foolin’ sale with fares start at $99.00 each way for most routes with destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

Source: http://blog.westjet.com/ralfh-newest-innovation-inflight-comfort/?sm_cid=social:ws-world:april-fools-ralfh:youtube


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