Idyllic places to escape to if the world ends

Wars, oil shortages, global warming, economic collapse, maybe even nuclear bombs. All of it seems unlikely, but don’t you want to be prepared? If you have to go planes, trains and automobiles to head for safety, where should you go if the world ends?

Bunkers, mines, caves and high-altitude havens are always popular choices as to where you can ride out the coming apocalypse. Bugarach, France, for example is a tiny French village of 176 residents, hidden away in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Internet rumours claim it to be the only place on earth that will be saved on doomsday. The reasons why remain sketchy at best though.

Considering how the world has been in a pretty poor state of late, Business Insider has decided to list the fourteen most recommended places to escape to in the event that the world breaks out into utter chaos. The list includes some of the coldest places on Earth, as well as Virgin mogul Richard Branson’s Necker Island – although it is uncertain if he’d even allow you to stay there.

So, without further adieu, here are the best places that are expected to remain fortresses of stability, safety, and prosperity if the world ends.


Now that you know where to escape to if the world ends, discover some strange abandoned places to visit.


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