Open-air hotel in the Alps to sleep under the stars

No walls, roof, or even a bathroom (at least not one closer than a 10 minute walk away). However there is a a butler on hand to serve food, water, and coffee upon arrival.

Even if you consider yourself a well-traveled adventurer, chances are you’ve never been to the kind of open-air hotel room now available at Switzerland’s Null Stern Hotel. Swiss conceptual artists Frank and Patrick Riklin can add hotelier to their respective CVs now. They’ve created a unique open-air hotel above the Swiss Alps. Sure, some tropical locales may have a large portion of a living room exposed to the elements, but this experience draws a fine line between luxury and whimsy.


Featuring nothing but a bed, two end tables, and two lamps, the room is minimalism in its truest form. With no walls or ceiling protecting occupants from the surrounding wilderness, it’s more of an open Airbnb.


Frank and Patrick think sightseeing should be a more literal process that doesn’t stop when tourists return to their hotels after an eventful day. They now plan to open similar outdoor hotels around Switzerland.


At around $250 dollars a night, a stay at the Null Hotel might seem a little overpriced. The idea certainly raises a few questions about possible adjustments to weather and climate though. Do they just tarp over the room when it rains? Are there summer and winter versions of this idea? Did the world really need a more pretentious version of camping? What are your thoughts?


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