Infographic: What do people read while on the toilet?

Do you bring your cellphone with you to the toilet? Whether you admit it or not, most of us actually do some form of reading while in the can. In fact 63% of people read a book, magazine, or newspaper while using the bathroom; another 75% admit to using their cellphones or answering a text.

Those who read on the toilet don’t do that because they think it’s an efficient use of their time; it’s probably because they can’t not do something on the toilet. It’s become sort of a ritual, where something feels missing is they stop. In the following infographic by Magazine Discount Center, it reveals that the average person spends about 30 minutes in the bathroom each day. It also gives insight into what people are doing in the bathroom? Check it out below.

Infographic: What do people read while on the toilet?What are people doing on the toilet (besides pooping)?

  • 30 minutes: The average amount of time people spend in the bathroom each day.
  • 37% of women vs 15% of men spend more than one hour in the bathroom. And women are more likely to spend longer than that.
  • 63% of people read books, magazines, and newspapers while in the bathroom.
  • Men and those under the age of 34 are significantly more likely to read on the toilet, compared to other demographics. And 86% of men said that the bathroom was the place they did their most reading; 27% of women said the same.
  • 75% of Americans use their phone in the bathroom; 25% claim they can’t go to the bathroom without it.
  • Magazines are the most frequently read materials: 1/3 of people read their mail (both snail mail and email) on the toilet. And 3% put a television in their bathroom.
  • Bathroom phone use: 67% read texts; 63% answer phone calls; 42% read emails; 38% surf the web; 38% use apps; 29% use social media.

Now that you’ve found out what people are reading in the bathroom, find out everything you always wanted to know about poop. Or learn how to pee with morning wood.


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