Portable device lets you match any colour

Have you ever come across a brightly coloured wall or a beautiful flower and wondered ‘what is that colour, because I want to use it in my design?’ Photographers and designers alike are really picky about colour. With a single tap, the Cube removes the guess-work from colour-matching and makes it easy to save and work with the colours that surround you.

Despite the many apps and gadgets out there, this small device from Australian tech company Palette, has unveiled the Cube. This tiny device scientifically detects, measures and quantifies colour so it can be more easily and accurately matched later on. All you need to do to find out what colours surround you is to hold the small square unit in your hand and touch it to the surface of what you want to record.

Reveal RGB, HEX and CMYK values, match to paint libraries or match straight to Photoshop’s built-in libraries – like Pantone.

An essential for designers of any kind and weighing less than 2 ounces, the Cube integrates with smartphones and desktops. You can capture colour from just about anything, store and share your favourites with the free Cube Companion App.

cube-portable-device-match-any-colour-2 cube-portable-device-match-any-colour-1

Source: http://palette.com/cube.html

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