Bloomtools Wine Label

Client: Bloomtools Mississauga
Eden Advertising
Wine Label

Bloomtools Mississauga is a web design and development franchise under Bloomtools Canada. They help small and medium-sized businesses grow their revenue through their online presence and effective digital marketing strategies.

About the project

In appreciation of the business that’s given to them from their clients, Bloomtools Mississauga wanted to give back a gift; that gift is a bottle of Amarone wine. Dark in colour and a nose of spice and dried berries, the wine is rich in flavours of dried fruit and prunes. However, before it could be presented, the wine needed to have a label that thanked the recipient, included the logo, and web address. They gave complete design freedom for the Bloomtools wine label and several modern label designs were created. A light wine label design with 3 circles (representing client, Bloomtools, and design) was chosen without revision.