NannyTax website redesign

Client: NannyTax
Eden Advertising
Website Redesign

NannyTax is a Canadian payroll and tax service dedicated to employers of domestic workers such as nannies and caregivers.

About the project

The client had previously had their website redesigned by a different company, however they felt that web design had poor navigation and was not very good at conveying who they were and the services they offer. The previous layout was bulky, information hard to find, and it wasn’t designed responsively.

The redesign through Eden addressed all of these issues by removing borders, adding white space, and changing the font selection to a more modern one. Hero banners were reduced in height to allow the reader to enter into the copy better and new images were chosen that related more to NannyTax’s target audience. And the pricing tables were reorganized and simplified to allow customers to understand easier.