Renaissance artworks reimagined as Instagram posts

What if you took renaissance artworks from the 14th to 17th centuries and showed how they would appear in modern day. Well that’s what Karachi-based creative agency Serial Kolor has done with a tongue-in-cheek series. They’ve reimagined old paintings as cheeky Instagram posts.

Serial Kolor payed plenty of attention to the details of each re-interpretation. The reimagined social media snapshots have retained their colour, while the rest of the canvas on the artworks have faded – as if to represent their age.

The characters in these renaissance artworks have been reimagined to be in modern day hilarious situations. For example, some of them are shown to be taking selfies, or posing with their BFFs.

renaissance-artworks-reimagined-instagram-1 renaissance-artworks-reimagined-instagram-2 renaissance-artworks-reimagined-instagram-3 renaissance-artworks-reimagined-instagram-4 renaissance-artworks-reimagined-instagram-5


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