The history of famous cookies from around the world

Cookies were first made after sugar became available as a baking ingredient about 1400 years ago. And did you know that over half of the cookies baked at home today are chocolate chip? But what about other famous cookies?

To give us a brief history of these unique treats, SweeTooth Design has created a mouth-watering poster to illustrate it. While you read up on the history of these famous cookies, why not bake a few and explore how cookies evolved. Titled Genesis Of Cookies, this sweet poster is currently available for purchase at the SweeTooth shop. Check it out below.


By definition, a cookie can be any of a variety of hand-held, flour-based sweet cakes: either crisp or soft.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that each country has its own unique word for “cookie“? What we know as cookies are called biscuits in England and Australia; in Spain they’re galletas; Germans call them keks or Plätzchen for Christmas cookies. And in Italy there are several names to identify various forms of cookies, including amaretti, biscotti, and so on.

As Cookie Monster so beautifully put it, “Om nom nom nom nom.” Just some information I thought that you should know. Now, let me know what your favourite cookie is.


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