Infographic: The most Instagrammed destinations in North America

From beautifully prepared food to sunsets and parks, travellers are passionate about documenting the world around them using Instagram. But which types destinations are seen most on Instagram? 

Website Busbud has come up with an infographic that shows the most photogenic beaches, parks, landmarks, and more from all across Canada and the US. By searching location type and name of the most popular destinations on Tripadvisor across Canada and the United States, the team at Busbud then looked at which locations produced the most hashtags for Instagram posts. They then ranked them in every state, province and territory. The result is a simple but engaging list of must-see destinations.

Despite the diversity of landscape offered from this continent, when it comes to popular photo apps, the list is pretty predictable. In New York, it’s the Empire State Building and in California, Disneyland.

So if you’re planning your next road trip, you now know what places other photo enthusiasts have frequented. And let’s be honest–these places are popular for a reason.

popular-instagram-locations-canada most-instagrammed-locations-canada top-instagram-locations-canada

In a place that feels like it was created specifically for the adventurous type, Canada’s top Instagrammed locations are almost exclusively associated with outdoor activities.


The list of most Instagrammed spots in each US state doesn’t lack diversity. Destinations to satisfy virtually every interest exist–from sports arenas to theme parks, race tracks to universities.

Source: https://www.busbud.com/blog/top-instagrammed-locations/


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