Spectacular triangle mountain cabin sits the edge of a cliff

Are you looking to unplug and find a cabin in the mountains to relax? Based in Hamburg, Germany, architect Matthias Arndt has created a stunning concept named the Triangle Cliff House that rests on the edge of a fictional cliff.


Designed as a concept project for Lichtecht, Matthias had a vision of a small mountain home atop a misty cliff. Lichtect runs a bi-monthly design challenge, and this concept is Matthias’s response to the challenge of a home design for a fictional cliff. The unique structure would be the perfect vacation retreat for anyone who longs to lounge in luxury while gazing out at nature’s beauty. The triangle mountain cabin’s steeply pitched roof would make it perfect for snowy mountain climes.


The triangle mountain cabin concept went for the gusto, with a structure design that straddles the cliff’s edge. Featuring a sharp triangular roof, it’s covered on all four sides with glass. This creates an amazing view from the lower level, especially with floor-to-ceiling windows. A view that gapes out over a gorgeous mountain lake nestled in the valley below.


Unless you’re not a fan of heights, it’s hard to imagine the cliff face becoming unappealing. Especially when the triangle cabin has a thin balcony along the cliff’s edge, protected by a waist-high glass wall.


The renderings only show off the exterior design, leaving the interior layout and fittings to the imagination. The glowing lights from inside the house also create a warm, cozy atmosphere, making it look like a welcoming refuge from the cold outside.


Would you like to live in a building like this?

Source: http://mydesignstories.com/triangle-cliff-house/

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