What not to do when visiting certain countries

I’ve previously posted tips for those traveling; like the world’s weirdest drinking customsdining customs and handshakes around the world — all to help make your trip a little less awkward. Certain behaviours, while acceptable in your home country, may not be well received in other travel destinations.

To give you some behavioural tips to avoid misunderstandings, Globelink International has compiled a list of 18 countries, each with a pointer on what not to do. For example, tipping is a common practice in the North America but in Japan, this act is perceived as offensive, because the service is already covered in the allocated price.

Even though some of these customs may seem queer from a foreign perspective, it’s still important to respect the culture in one’s host country. 

Check out the infographic below to see what other acts to avoid, and remember to research your travel destination before leaving.

Infographic: Don't do these 18 things abroad

Don’t do these 18 things abroad


In fact, asking about money is impolite in many countries but this is especially true in France.


People in Ukraine as well as in most Slavic countries bring even number of flowers to the cemeteries.

New Zealand

Honking in New Zealand is often intended to insult another drivers pointing out that you strongly disagree with his or her actions.


Kissing or holding hand are also forbidden being considered as something highly inappropriate to do in public.


Japanese are proud to provide the best service as standard without waiting for the tips.


Locals love to make jokes and they are generally fun and innocent, so treat it that way.


Many people don’t go to church at all and such question would be rude to ask.


This is an obscene gesture in Turkey.

United Kingdom

Such behaviour can make people uncomfortable.


Locals don’t think they have any accent at all. There are only accents of other parts of Ireland that they recognize as such.


People believe that the person may not live to the birthday if congratulated with it beforehand.


Only do it after someone has called you by the name first.


Manners matter here.


Also don’t feed birds, and don’t throw garbage and don’t spit on the street.

United States

Tipping is obligatory and there are even rates of how much to tip for any service you use.


Of course, you can order it in the restaurant but in such case be ready for the surprised look of the waiter. Italians drink cappuccino for breakfast, that’s the reason.


Though it’s an old habit, some people still prefer to avoid clinking glasses especially when drinking beer.


They are believed to bring bad luck when given as presents.


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