About Daniel Swanick

With over a decade of experience as a freelance and in-house Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer in the Greater Toronto Area, I have established myself as a versatile creative professional. My specialization in both traditional advertising and digital marketing sets me apart, allowing me to navigate and excel in multiple mediums.
As a versatile creative professional with over a decade of experience as an Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer, I bring a unique blend of traditional advertising and digital marketing expertise to every project. I approach each assignment with a strategic and creative perspective, aiming to deliver engaging and conceptually driven ideas. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of brands and businesses, spanning various industries such as retail, food, home improvement, tourism, health, and finance. This diverse experience has enriched my understanding of different client needs and allowed me to excel in multiple mediums. Collaboration is an essential part of my creative process. I have successfully worked alongside copywriters, planners, illustrators, and photographers, and have also led small creative teams. While it may take some time for me to feel comfortable around new people, I am capable of brainstorming in groups or working individually, adapting to different working dynamics. My expertise extends beyond design and creative direction. I am comfortable discussing UX and UI options with developers, ensuring that the visual aspects align with the overall user experience. Additionally, I have experience working directly with clients, providing them with the necessary guidance and expertise throughout the project. Beyond my professional life, I lead a fulfilling personal life. When I'm not immersed in creating brand-extending campaigns, I dedicate my time to managing my family farm and herd of beef cattle. This connection to nature brings balance to my life. In my moments of relaxation, you can often find me watching movies or indulging in a bit of gaming. I hope this overview gives you a sense of my experience, skills, and approach as a creative professional. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss potential collaboration, feel free to reach out.
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