Mixxtape portable music player works like a cassette

If you want to feel old, consider this: there are currently high schoolers who’ve never heard music on a CD; let alone a cassette tape. However, “what’s old is new again,” is a saying that happens to be true. Dallas-based company Mixxim brought the cassette tape into the 21st century with the Mixxtape.

Described as the cassette reinvented, Mixxtape looks, feels and plays just like a cassette, but is able to do so much more. If you can find your old Walkman, Mixxtape can play in it. Or you can use it as a portable music player, adding Bluetooth and digital storage for a modern take on a classic format.

Mixxtape portable cassette player

At the top of the player (where you’d normally scrawl the name of your mixtape in Sharpie), there’s a little LCD display, with touch controls located to the left. The 3.5mm headphone jack and a Micro USB port to allow you to download files from your PC or Mac. This compact music player is also able to connect to wireless speakers, headphones and other devices via Bluetooth. It’s also equipped with an SD card slot. And it supports playback from most popular audio codecs, including FLAC, OGG, and AAC files. The battery for Mixxtape provides up to 12 hours of playback, depending on use.

Originally conceived as a unique way for artists to present demos to producers, Mixxtape reached ten times its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. Still, it looks like the Mixxtape has arrived at just the right time — in the middle of a cassette tape resurgence. Learn more by visiting their website.

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Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mixxtape/mixxtape-the-cassette-reinvented