A look back at 7 of the oddest fashion trends of 2017

If there’s one thing regarding fashion trends that we can always rely on, is their ability to surprise us. On the one hand, there are some styles that are pretty much timeless; pieces you can put on and know you’ll always look good. However, at times, it can feel like fashion designers are deliberately messing with us.

There are certain trends that may look great on a runway, but in reality, are completely impractical. And let’s face it, 2017 has been an odd year for fashion. What with Balenciaga’s US$2,145 tote that looked like IKEA’s US$0.90 bag, or Browns selling a dress that looks like a dry cleaning bag.

Fashion trends are a delicate balance between staying on relevant and keeping your own style. Sometimes you can end up looking like a fashion victim if you blindly follow every trend. Particularly the ones that are a little bit weird and hard to pull off like thong jeans, double-waist jeans, a US$3,000 straw hat dress, two-faced shoes and more.

So, while you might hope for more stylish 2018 fashion trends, one thing’s for sure: these unusual fashion statements will leave you shaking your head.

Oddest fashion trends of 2017

IKEA look-a-like tote

Odd fashion trends for 2017: Balenciaga's IKEA tote

This one received a lot of attention from IKEA fans who noticed that Balenciaga’s US$2,145 tote looked an awful lot like an IKEA bag you can get for US$0.99.

Car Mat Skirt

Odd fashion trends for 2017: Balenciaga car mat skirt

Another odd entry from Balenciaga, comes a US$2,000 skirt that resembles a car mat.

Clear Knee Jeans

Odd fashion trends for 2017: Clear knee jeans

Have you ever wondered how you could show off your gorgeous knees year round? Well, it seems that Topshop has your perfect solution—full jeans with clear plastic knees.

Nipple Sweater

Odd fashion trends for 2017: Calvin Klein nipple sweater

Calvin Klein’s US$2,000 sweaters, which are sold for both men and women, are totally see-through across the chest, keeping your arms warm, yet your torso cool.

Detachable Jeans

Odd fashion trends for 2017: Detachable Jeans

The brand Opening Ceremony came up with an insane pair of detachable jeans that transform into weird diaper shorts. It seems like it would be far easier to just buy a pair of jeans and a pair of denim shorts and call it a day.

Destroyed Sneakers

Odd fashion trends for 2017: Destroyed Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela’s US$1,425 “destroyed” sneakers that look like it’d gone through hell and back. According to the retailer, the shoes have “heavy distressing,” of which some fashion heads will reference as being avant-garde.

RompHim rompers

Odd fashion trends for 2017: RompHim Rompers

Many women absolutely adore rompers. However, these are specially designed for grown men. The RompHim Kickstarter campaign earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you don’t exactly see them on random guys on the street yet.