Artists create elaborate baroque-inspired wigs made of paper

Saint Petersburg-based artists Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin are bringing back the historical accessory of white powdery wigs. However, their creations have a twist — they’re made out of paper. In fact, the talented duo works entirely with paper to create eccentric headpieces, masks, and other wearable sculptures that are layered with intricate designs.

Baroque-inspired paper wigs by Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin

Several years ago, after exhibiting miniature paper sculptures and noticing that viewers constantly wished to touch them, Asya decided to make something people could pick up, handle, and wear.

“Dmitriy is the innovator, the fearless dreamer and the adventurer. I am the thorough hardworking perfectionist,” says Asya.

Paper airplane sculpture

Asya and Dmitriy’s creations feature a variety of motifs — from airplanes to ships to entire palaces. Other decorations include butterflies, flowers, feathers, as well as layers of cut paper that are styled to emulate vintage geometric hairstyles. However, they’re all founded from a deep fascination for the fashion of the Baroque and Rococo art movements. While their inspiration is from the past, the artists say that they see their creations as existing “in an alternate universe, where wigs are still fashionable — like retro-futurism.”

“We chose the Baroque era for our first project as it is so inspiring. It is very important for an artist to base a project on something rich in associations. The entire history of fashion is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us,” says Dmitriy.

These intricate paper wigs take an average of one week to make from conception to the physical product. The artists say that most of the laborious work takes place in the brainstorming and sketching stage. Once their draft is settled, it’s just a matter of executing the paper sculpture.

Architectural paper wig design

So far, Asya and Dmitriy’s unique project, Baroque Paper Wigs, has garnered them growing popularity. They’ve won over everyone’s hearts from fashion designers to art collectors to paper enthusiasts alike. In fact, their paper wigs have been exhibited in museums and the two were asked to accessorize the models of Dolce & Gabbana’s runway show in December 2019. There, the wigs were inspired by folklore, specifically maritime imagery, like fictional sea monsters, whales, and lobsters.

Scroll down to see more examples of the artists’ Baroque-inspired paper wigs. You can also follow their artwork on Instagram.

Ship paper wig by Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin
Baroque-inspired paper fashion
Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin paper fashion