Keep cool on the go with Sony’s wearable air conditioner

Most people can’t wait for the summer heat. But if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the hot and humid August weather, you’ll probably want to check out this new offering from Sony. The Reon Pocket is a wearable air conditioner that will keep you cool whether you’re on a crowded train or watching a ball game under the scorching sun.

The concept came after surveying Tokyo businessmen about their needs and how they’d like to be cooler while wearing suits. About the size of a small wallet, the portable device was developed as part of Sony’s startup acceleration program and was just funded on the company’s crowdfunding website. 2 years of development went into this wearable air conditioner. The sleek Reon Pocket by Sony works by using a type of thermoelectric cooling known as the Peltier effect. It involves using a small electrical current to allow it to either absorb or give out heat — a technology typically found in wine coolers.

Portable, wearable device keeps you cool

Using a companion app, the Bluetooth device is able to lower the wearer’s body temperature by 13˚C. And to warm the wearer up, the device can raise the body temperature my 8˚C. Reon Pocket, which weighs about 3 ounces, is intended to be used in tandem with a special undershirt that has a pocket at the base of the neck. The app allows you to regulate the temperature. The wearable air conditioner works with both Android and iOS and charges via a standard USB-c. And with 90 minutes of battery life, the device works long enough to keep wearers fresh and comfortable in plenty of situations.

The Reon Pocket by Sony

The good news is that in just one week the project was 100 percent crowdfunded and is now expected to launch in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. With a price tag of about ¥14,080 (CDN$175), we’ll probably see a lot of cool, comfortable spectators taking in the sporting event.

Watch a preview of Sony’s wearable air conditioner in action