Masterful landscapes etched into reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood gets a new lease on life thanks to Jynae Bergeron’s artistic skills. Known as Art & Airplanes, this Canadian artist specializes in pyrography, a method where wood is burned using a heated metal pen. Through this technique, she creates stunning contemporary designs influenced by the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty.

Reclaimed wood landscape art

“I want to express, reciprocate, and instill a sense of love and gratitude for the natural world,” says Jynae Bergeron.

Jynae, originally from Saskatchewan, has developed a deep appreciation for the Western landscape. Through her reclaimed wood art, she aims to showcase the beauty of untouched wilderness, capturing the essence of dramatic mountains and towering pine trees. Her focus lies on Pacific Northwest landscapes and wildlife, resonating with those who yearn for the wild and picturesque.

Jynae Bergeron art
Artist uses discarded wood to create her masterpieces

Not only does she hand-carve nature-inspired designs, but she also ensures that the materials she uses are environmentally friendly. By repurposing discarded wood that would otherwise be burned or thrown away, she transforms them into organic representations of the natural world we cherish.

“With the current construct of our Western society, being consistently immersed in mother nature isn’t always attainable for many; therefore, my passion is to fill living spaces with striking reminders of what’s out there waiting for us.”

Landscape art

Jynae’s art brings a touch of nature into your home, offering a glimpse of the beauty waiting outside. Visit Jynae’s online store to stay informed about new product launches. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for a sneak peek at her newest works of art.

Art and Airplanes designs inspired by the Pacific Northwest
Reclaimed wood art showcases nature